1937 Ford Coupe For Sale

 Crazy fast and ready to go. Needs to be finished, all of the hard work is done. Call for more information.

Flashback Friday...pulling out all of the old projects

Needs a little love, but who doesn't like a Model A Roadster?

Model A V8 Coupe Revisiting an old Favorite

An old favorite waiting for it's turn to hit the streets again. More to come soon...

1936 Ford Pickup Truck For Sale

The short version...This truck belongs to a customer. We took care of the mechanical side and it is time for paint and body. Or just drive it like the old truck that it is. We rebuilt the top end of engine, rebuilt transmission, all new cooling system, all new 12 V wiring, new charging system, all new ignition system, all new fuel system,  new shackles, reconditioned springs and suspension, complete new brake system, all 1940 Ford. The steering has been reconditioned and upgraded to a 1940 steering box.  We repaired the frame, firewall, seat riser, dash, floors and minor sheet metal. The tires are new, but the truck has been sitting. The mechanical is done. I would drive this truck across country. Additional pictures are available upon request.