Stromberg Big News Big 97

Big news from Stromberg. The new 97 boasts a 250 cfm rating! This is good news for hot rod enthusiasts everywhere. There are some obvious advantages for the over head valve multi-carb crowd, but the hallowed flathead has just got a big boost as well. If you have ever calculated your CFM for your hopped up motor you will have noticed a gap between what a single carburetor could deliver and what a dual carburetor would deliver. It seemed like too much or not enough for a mild street motor. Well Stromberg just closed that gap. Got a bored motor with a merc crank and a cam? You can now have the classic good looks and reliable vintage speed equipment in a bolt on carburetor. Well played gentlemen, well played.

Walker Red Devil spark plug wires

Anyone know the history on this manufacturer? Is this Walker as in "Walker Exhaust"?

1932 5 Window Coupe

This is the 1932 5 Window Coupe that we found this winter. It was boarded up in a garage in Richmond in 1961. It belonged to Bill Kane Sr. a member of The Virginia Creepers CC. The car came with a lot of receipts from the late 50's and a bunch of memorabilia. We have no plans to change it for now. We really just want people to see it for what it is and how it was built by the young man who owned it. We took it to the Asphalt Angels CC Show this winter just for that reason. We'll be sharing pictures and information as time permits. It's a great car and a great story. Thanks for following along.  

Michael Owens old pictures

Dickie Flippen

TV Tommy