Joe Smith Automotive

I know that the history of the shop is fairly well documented on this blog, our website or anywhere else on the internet. But I like to remind people from time to time that I am not Joe Smith.

The shop was started in 1965 by a man named Joe Smith. It was known as Joe Smith's Automotive,Inc for many many years.
Hank Young came into the picture in 1984. He spent eleven  years as a driving force behind the counter and in the shop before he bought the business in 1995. For the next nine years he transformed that shop into his vision of what a hot rod shop should be. For twenty years he poured his blood and sweat into building Joe Smith Antique Ford and Street Rods.

The shop was purchased  again in 2004 and operated as Joe Smith Early Ford and Hot Rod with the leadership of Josh Mills before he moved onto his own shop in 2006.
The business was purchased again in 2009 and moved to VA where it exists today. This blog is used to document the rebirth and growth of  Hot Rod shop in a new location, under new ownership.

This is  Joe Smith Early Ford & Hot Rod. And we are now located in VA. Come by and visit sometime.

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