in the beginning...

In 1965 Joe Smith opened a shop by the name of Joe Smith's Automotive, Inc. For three decades the shop distributed parts to eager enthusiasts, racers and restorers alike. He provided his wisdom and experience to thousands of customers that came to him for their automotive needs. The business thrived under his command.
The torch was passed to Hank Young in 1994 when he took ownership of the shop that he had worked at for the previous 10 years. The shop became known as Joe Smith Antique Ford and Street Rod parts. Hank changed the location of the shop and expanded the services provided during his time at the helm. He brought custom fabrication, full restoration and motorcycles to an ever changing business. In 2004 he sold the business to pursue his passion of custom motorcycles. Young's Chopper is alive and well today.
Josh Mills stayed on with the shop that he had helped to run, when it changed hands. He continued to provide high quality parts and service in the Joe Smith tradition. This time the shop would be known as "Joe Smith Early Ford and Hot Rod parts". Josh's skills as a fabricator became more sought after in the years that followed. And in 2006 it was time for Josh to strike out on his own. Though the doors of "Joe Smith" closed a short time after, Mills and Co. continues to thrive today.

The shop never recovered at it's Georgia location. It was sold and relocated to Glen Allen Virginia in the Fall of 2009. The new location is 8 miles from the heart of Richmond and close to 2 major interstates.

Though the business continues to grow and change, one thing has stayed the same, the delivery of quality parts and service to our customers. Joe Smith Early Ford and Hot Rod continues to help people build their dreams.
This blog will chronicle the rebirth of a hot rod shop and a new beginning for Joe Smith Early Ford and Hot Rod.

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